Ming’s Blog March 2012

Written by: ma1ntenance
Written on March 5, 2012 at 7:56 am
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Ming Blog for March 2012

For the first 2 weeks of February it was so cold that even walking around my favourite fields was not much fun.  Sadly I missed out on the teas on snow drop day as it was so cold Patsy decided we were better off in front of the fire.  I think I had to agree with her but over 400 people flocked through the gates in the two hours that the garden was open.  They must have been so disappointed not to see us doggies. 

As I write this, at last the sun is shining and we are once more enjoying being in the garden.  Now I can start my morning ritual  having a good tummy scratch on the mat out side the front door.

 One of my favourite walks is through the woods where there are wonderful foxy smells, the odd pheasant basking in his glory and of course squirrels to chase.  Today was a very special walk with the sun coming through the trees and all so quiet except for the birds.

 Patsy went off to Ireland for a few days with out my permission.  I was a little sad but it does mean that Robert spoils us with lots of tit bits and life is really very cosy.  We were ready for her return with a very warm welcome. I do enjoy sitting on her bed watching the suitcase being unpacked and put firmly away.