Ming Blog New Year 2012

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Written on January 6, 2012 at 6:44 pm
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Ming Blog for New Year 2012

 Our Christmas Fair was great fun this year..The house looked wonderful with the huge tree and lots of fires for me to get warm in front of.

Robert and I sat outside the front door meeting and greeting all my friends  who I am sure had just come to see me and not  to do their Christmas shopping..  As it was quite cold Robert gave me his warm coat to snuggle up  in. Patsy was quite cross as he then got a horrible headcold and had to retire to bed for a day, however I managed to sneak up stairs when no one was looking and keep him company.


The house has been full of children racing around from one end of the house to the other.  At one point there was a very small helicopter flying around.  I wonder if you can spot it.


  What I love about Christmas is the fire in the great hall where I can always escape the roaring cars and toy fire engines that maybe zooming up & down the passage and around the hall.



On Christmas day the family did a very strange thing, after Church we all walked across the fields to The Fox in Broughton Gifford. Molly and I had never been to a pub before but I have to admit it was rather fun and we found lots of friends who were pleased to see us.  Also it was very warm.

Blow me down, we then repeated the exercise in the pouring rain on New Years Day but this time it was for lunch so we had plenty of time to dry off and be very spoilt.

 Happy New Year to you all from us contented doggies.