April 1st – the visitors are back!

Written by: Great Chalfield
Written on April 1, 2010 at 9:04 pm
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This has been a really miserable wet, cold, grey week. At least humans can wrap up but us dogs have to go out in all weathers with just our furry coats and mine is not nearly as warm as Molly’s.

I have to admit that years ago I was sent by a very smart American lady the most dashing red and black coat that made me look as if I was about to go fox hunting. It did look very smart on me but I could see I was going to look very silly so I allowed Patsy (my owner) to get me all rugged up and took off through the garden. With great difficulty I managed to get it off, quite a job I might say, and bury it without anyone ever being able to find it again. Maybe they will in a 100 years time!!! Patsy was not pleased as it was a state of the art designer outfit.

Guess what I have never been given a coat to wear again so going out on these very wet mornings have been quite dreary.

However this morning is quite different and the sun is shining. I manage to sun myself on the back of the sofa. After giving Molly her morning clean up (that’s me cleaning Molly in the photo above) I look out of the window to see Linda arriving and putting up my meet and greet chair.

This is all very exciting and I manage to escape outside to give her a big doggie hug which usually means putting my dirty paws all over her clean trousers!! The visitors think I am just irresistible and join in on the welcome party.

Pam the guide for today is very pleased to see me up and about after my sickness. We have a good chat and she manages to keep me out of her car. Slightly annoying as I thought it would be quite a snug place for the rest of the morning. Charlie arrives to take visitors on nature walks – I thought I would be of great interest to them all but he does not seem to want me along. I can not understand why.

I set off with Molly in our usual way but thankfully today we are off to our favourite field which is very open and we can see all the wildlife. Sometimes we come across a large hare which seems to know our movements as they just lobe along as if to say “There is no way you will catch me” which I guess is true as we are rather slow, sometimes when I see a squirrel I can go quite fast. Also we are very good at putting up pheasants and Molly thinks that by leaping into the air she might just catch one but sadly never does.

We return with muddy tummies, Molly is told to jump into the Spring which she duly does because her nature is to do what she is told unlike me who is rather more independent. I on the other hand wait about to have my tum washed in the normal way. I am now nicer to know for the visitors but sitting in my meet and greet chair is rather chilly. Linda is wearing a lot of layers, maybe she will put a rug over me but when a child comes through the arch I must be able to get up and greet it and I would not look so good with a dirty old rug over my back.

The sun has gone in and I am sure it is going to snow so Molly and I retreat in doors to have a dog day in front of a warm fire…