Forthcoming Events for 2017:


English Civil War Society Event

On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th August 2017 there  will be an 'English Civil War Society' re enactment of Great Chalfield garrison.

Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4.30pm  
Admission £5 for Adults, 16 years and under go free.

Re-enactment  The Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment of the English Civil War Society will re-enact the two-day Royalist occupation of the manor house in 1644.  The Regiment and accompanying civilians will march in at the start of each day and guards will be posted to keep watch.  The regiment will drill and fire muskets and cannon during the day.

In tents in the garden civilians will show and tell you how people lived in the  seventeenth century (Living History). 

A clerk will be set up in the Great Hall to replicate the writing of the accounts of September 1644.  The Chaplain and officers will also recreate various activities in the adjoining parish church and around the manor.

During the afternoon a small Parliamentarian patrol will be driven off in a sharp skirmish in the Orchard to the rear of the manor.  Any prisoners taken will be tried and then marched off under escort.

“It’s actually bringing history to life; you can really smell gun powder, hear the noise, and for children it gives them a sense of actually being there and makes history more interesting” (visitor comment 2016)

Admission charges for adults including National Trust members at this event contribute to maintenance and development of the Arts & Crafts gardens at Great Chalfield.    

To see more details about The Marquis of Winchester (link)



Summer Food Fair

Weekend of 26th  August 2017. 

(Details to be announced)



Previous Events (annually):

Christmas Fair Saturday 10th December 2016

Artisan Food, Drinks and Craft Stalls Carols in the Great Hall.


Snow drop Sunday

for Dorothy House is on 12th February 2-4pm , Adults £4 including Members of the National Trust, all proceeds go to our brilliant local hospice.



'Guide Dogs' only please - for all events.





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